Muslim Slaves vs European Slaves…Are Black People Cursed?

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We learn that both the Muslin society and the European Society had a system of slavery, both of which were extremely different from one another.

In the Muslim society, their belief in the Quran made their enslavement strategies different from the European Society. Their beliefs made it so that Muslims could not have Muslim slaves, which as different from Europeans. In the European society, the only religion they cared about was Christianity, and once you were enslaved, you were converted. As far as Muslims were concerned, if you were Black, you were not necessarily seen as a slave, which was different for Europeans, of course we know that they enslaved any race of people. In the Muslim society, gaining freedom was much easier than it was as far as gaining freedom from European slaveholders. Slaves in the Muslim society were able to be granted their freedom if their slaveholder died or if they were ever injured.

Slavery in the Muslim society differed from the European society in the aspect that they were treated like actual people. They were taught how to read and write, by knowing this, we see that Muslim slaves had certain opportunities that European slaves did not. Europeans feared that if their slaves knew how to read or write their slaves would rebel against them.

The Iberian Peninsula is important to both chapters because Iberia was under the rule of Europe, and Europeans began the transatlantic slave trade. Outside of the African continent the primary reason for the enslavement of Africans was for African slaves to care for the resources of the land, some believe the system of slavery was justified by the “Curse of Ham” and the belief that Ham was thought of as the “father of Black people” so once he was cursed, all Black people were cursed to be slaves.


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